Masterclass Webinar 1: Optimizing a 3-plex Multiplex IHC Assay Using Roche Discovery Reagents and HALO® Image Analysis

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In this 60-minute webinar, we will discuss best practices and optimization techniques for Roche Discovery multiplex immunohistochemical (mIHC) assays and HALO® image analysisFirst, we will present methods, tips and tricks to design and optimize staining protocols. Next, we will share a series of mIHC assays where various chromogen combinations were tested on an assay comprised of three biomarkers and hematoxylin. From this dataset, we will discuss which assays are appropriate for image analysis with the HALO® Multiplex IHC module, which are not, and why.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Advance your mIHC assay design and optimization knowledge 
  2. Improve your brightfield image deconvolution for mIHC analysis with tips and tricks 
  3. Learn from examples of successful 3-plex chromogenic image analysis as well as images that are problematic and learn from common challenges