Webinar: HALO 3.0 SNEAK PEAK

Presented by Dr. Anne Hellebust | Product Manager, Indica Labs, Inc.

Hosted by Dr. Kate Lillard Tunstall | Chief Scientific Officer, Indica Labs, Inc

Uncompromising ease-of-use and powerful analytic capabilities have been taken to the next level, Indica Labs introduces HALO 3.0 Image Analysis Platform designed and optimized for digital pathology. In this one-hour webinar, we will highlight new features and workflows, including:

Updated dynamic image analysis modules to speed up data generation and improve data management
Workflow enhancements (additional shortcuts, sorting and filtering, expanded view settings, and more)
Support for more file formats and image reader updates
New serial stain workflow including updates to image registration
Powerful new spatial analysis options, including object data outputs, overlay upgrades and heat maps to analyze more data in less time
New python plugin for HALO AI users
Public GraphQL API to facilitate data mining and integration with third-party databases