Indica Labs GraphQL API

The database powering the HALO products stores a wealth of information about slide metadata, analysis results, annotations, and more. The Indica Labs platform exposes a GraphQL API (Application Program Interface), providing a flexible point for extracting this data and integrating the HALO platform with external third-party systems (such as LIMS).

The API is not designed for typical HALO end users (pathologists and biologists), but rather software developers to interact with the database to ease dataflow in and out of the system. For designing queries and sophisticated exploration of HALO datasets, an interactive GraphQL workbench application is deployed alongside the API. Check out the webinars below to learn how the API can be leveraged in your workflow and consult the technical documentation to learn how to put it into action. While compatible with many languages, programing knowledge is required to use the API.

Contact us at if you’re still having trouble learning how to use the Indica Labs GraphQL API.