Webinar: Analysis of RNAscope® with the HALO® image analysis platform

In this 60-minute webinar, Indica Labs is pleased to welcome two guest speakers who will discuss how they are using the RNAscope® assay with HALO® quantification software in their institutions. Dr. Gordon Jiang from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center | Harvard Medical School will present his original research including the use of chromogenic RNAscope and HALO to analyze PNPLA3 transcirption in Non-Alchoholic Liver Disease (NAFLD). Dr. Julia Jones from Cancer Research UK | Cambridge Institute will explain the RNAscope technology in more depth and give examples of how the histopathology/ISH core facility utilizes HALO for quantification of single/dual chromogenic and multiplexed fluorescent RNAscope probes to answer research questions posed by investigators within the institute. Full abstracts for individual presentations can be found below.