Webinar: Data Exploration and Third-Party Integrations with the HALO® GraphQL API

Presented by Sam Boling | Software Architect, Indica Labs, Inc.

Hosted by Dr. Kate Lillard Tunstall | Chief Scientific Officer, Indica Labs, Inc

The database powering a HALO® or HALO® LinkTM installation stores a wealth of information about image metadata, analysis results, annotations, and more. Starting with HALO® 3.0, this data can be queried and manipulated directly by users or custom programs using a flexible data access technology called GraphQL. In this one-hour webinar, we will demonstrate some of the possibilities of the HALO® GraphQL API, including:

  • Fetching, filtering, sorting, and exporting precisely the data of interest
  • Modifying information such as image metadata and initiating actions such as analysis
  • Receiving push notifications when critical events (e.g. new image cataloged, analysis failed) occur
  • Performing all the above from custom code (with provided examples in Python or C#), enabling workflow automation, integration with 3rd-party systems such as LIMS, and custom report generation