Sneak Peek: HALO AP® 2.2 and Breast IHC AI

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Join us for this engaging 1-hour webinar where we’ll unveil the innovative features available in HALO AP® 2.2 and introduce our latest AI-powered algorithm suite, Breast IHC AI. We’ll provide an overview and demonstration of new features in HALO AP 2.2, including the new blind scoring module, view tracking feature, personal and system-wide tagging, and more. We’ll also discuss the validation and application of Breast IHC AI suite, how it seamlessly integrates into HALO AP and will give a demonstration of the algorithm suite and its utility in the analysis of HER2, ER, PR, and Ki-67. We’ll demonstrate how the Breast IHC AI suite can help standardize your biomarker assessment and enable pathologists to spend more time focused on their most challenging cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the new features included in HALO AP 2.2 
  2. Learn how the Breast IHC AI suite was validated and how to apply it
  3. See how the HALO AP platform and Breast IHC AI suite work together to empower pathologists to conduct more standardized, efficient biomarker expression analysis
  4. Learn how the Breast IHC AI suite complements your expertise