Lesson 1: Introduction and HALO AP 2.2 System OverviewLesson 2: The Case ViewerLesson 3: Screening Case SlidesLesson 4: Tumor BoardsLesson 5: Scoring TemplatesLesson 6: Analysis ResultsCourse Wrap UpCertification Exam

Topic 2 of this lesson explains Markup Images you’ll see often in HALO AP 2.2. Markup Images are generally accessible through the Case Viewer, can be toggled on or off, and captured via snapshot for multiple purposes.Markup ImagesMarkup Images are

This lesson will begin by pointing out where Pathologists can easily access analysis results, followed by a review of markup images. Reviewing existing Analysis ResultsAccessing analysis results that are already available within a Case is a simple task to complete. Begin

This lesson discusses how Pathologists can properly fill out Scoring Templates in HALO AP 2.2. Scoring Templates are forms created by your institution to facilitate efficient collection of high-quality scoring data. These templates are matched to each Case by indication

This lesson introduces the concept of Tumor Boards in HALO AP. The Tumor Board feature is an excellent resource available to Pathologists that enables them to streamline case review through multi-disciplinary conferences. A major benefit to this feature is its

In the Case Viewer, and accessible via the Lower Toolbar or the Slide Tray, the Macro Image provides Pathologists with a quick review of a sample captured during an image scan. Topic 4 discusses how Pathologists can access the macro

Topic 3 aims to discuss the concept of Slide Tagging in HALO AP 2.2. Watch the following video to gain an understanding of how Pathologists can utilize Slide Tagging in their own workflows.

This lesson begins with a detailed overview of the toolbars available in the Case Viewer starting with the Case Information toolbar. Read below to learn about the purpose of each toolbar and why they are important to your workflow. Toolbar

Within the Case Viewer of HALO AP, there are three important toolbars which will become part of your everyday workflow. It is important to understand each toolbar’s significance so that you are successful every time you log into your own