HALO AP Dx is an FDA-cleared case-centric pathology platform that enables primary diagnosis, remote working, and other routine workflows in anatomic pathology. The browser-based interface makes it easy to consult with other pathologists, manage clinical trials, run tumor boards, and

SlideQC BF for HALO AP® is an automated, AI-powered application for H&E-stained digitized slides that detects the most common artifacts including air bubbles, dust/debris, folds, out-of-focus areas, and pen marks generated during the process of slide preparation and whole slide imaging. It is seamlessly integrated into

Breast IHC AI is an automated, AI-based decision-support tool that standardizes scoring of HER2, ER, PR, and Ki67 IHC assessment on whole slide images (WSI) in accordance with clinical scoring guidelines. Breast IHC AI is seamlessly integrated into HALO AP®.  Regulatory

HALO Prostate AI is a CE-IVD certified deep learning-based screening tool that assists pathologists in the identification and grading of prostate cancer in core needle biopsies. The algorithm automatically analyzes all relevant case slides and notifies pathologists of cases with

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